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TripPak IN-CAB™ is the next generation in mobile scanning solutions for the transportation industry. This in-cab solution includes state-of-the art image capture software and a light-weight, cost-effective scanner for drivers to use in the cab of the truck. With this technology, drivers easily install the TripPak SCANNING™ software on their laptop or netbook computer, and using the SCAC code from their carrier scan their documents with the TripPak SCANNING™ Model 467 scanner.

What's new in version 3.5

- Sleep Pointe integration with TripPak SCANNING In-Cab allows drivers participating in sleep apnea evaluation with Sleep Pointe to send data from the cab. Uploading Sleep Pointe data with TripPak SCANNING In-Cab is as simple as plugging the SmartStick into a USB port and following a few simple steps
a. Click on Sleep Pointe in the menu bar and select Open
b. Insert the SmartStick device into an available USB port and click Enter.
c. Supply your birthday in a MMDD format and press send.
- Document Typing and Indexing Drivers now have the capability to assign a document type and index to their trip documents. This
feature can be turned on at the request of your fleet.
- E-mail DriverView Link Drivers now have the ability to email the DriverView webpage link using the default email client.
- Improved Netbook Support The Mobile Scanning application now works with screen resolutions as small as 800 x 600
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